User Fees and Regulatory Charges/External Fees

User Fees and Regulatory Charges

User Fee: Fees charged for processing access requests filed under the Access to Information Act

Fee Type: Other products and services

Fee-setting Authority: Access to Information Act

Date Last Modified: 1992

Performance Standards: The Commission provides a response within 30 days following the receipt of a request. The response time may be extended pursuant to Section 9 of the Access to Information Act. If required, a notice of extension is sent within the initial 30 days after the receipt of a request.

Performance Results: In 2011-12, the Commission received 32 requests under the Access to Information Act. The Commission processed 63% percent of requests within the statutory time frames.

2011-12 ($ thousands) Planning Years ($ thousands)
Forecast Revenue Actual Revenue Full Cost Fiscal Year Forecast Revenue Estimated Full Cost
0.2 0.2 254 2012-13 0.2 211
2013-14 0.2 213
2014-15 0.2 216

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