Our commitment to accessibility at the Commission

As Canada’s national human rights institution, Canada’s human rights watchdog, and as the home to Canada’s Accessibility Commissioner, we are striving to be an accessibility leader in creating environments, services and experiences that welcome and benefit everyone. 

We are not there yet. Accessibility is a work-in-progress, and there is much work for us to do to improve accessibility both within and outside the Commission. But the work is underway. Together, Commission staff from all levels of the organization are working together to help develop the Commission’s Accessibility Action Plan. The plan will be developed with the diverse perspectives of people with disabilities, and with a focus on addressing ableism and ableist-biases both within and outside the organization.

Once launched, the Action Plan will be implemented in partnership with other Commission-wide efforts we are taking towards anti-racism, equity and inclusion. Our Accessibility Action Plan will ensure that the work we undertake to achieve accessibility excellence is sustainable, transparent, and spans the three pillars of our work: as an employer, as a service provider and regulator, and as an advocate.  

Enabling and empowering our employees

As an employer, we are committed to creating an accessible and equitable work environment and culture where employees feel included, empowered, and supported in their career.

Providing accessible services to people in Canada

As a service provider and regulator, we are committed to providing a barrier-free experience for Canadians and stakeholders accessing the Commission’s
 various service platforms and resources.

Amplifying voices and advocating for equity

As Canada’s federal human rights advocate, we are committed to promoting the Commission’s values on accessibility, diversity and inclusion in our business practices and engagement with the broader community. 

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