Report: Roadblocks on the career path: Challenges faced by persons with disabilities in employment
January 2019

Persons with disabilities continue to face barriers and stigma when looking for work, when seeking workplace accommodation and when trying to thrive or advance in their careers. This report is the third and last report in the Canadian Human Rights Commission’s series of reports on Canada’s implementation of the United Nations Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities (UNCRPD). The Commission worked in close collaboration with provincial and territorial human rights commissions and/or tribunals across Canada to arrive at these findings.

November 2018

The Departmental Results Report provides an account of the Commission’s achieved results against planned performance expectations as set out in the Report on Plans and Priorities.

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April 2018

The report presents our 2017 statistics, highlights from our year, and feature five stories that illustrate current human rights issues in Canada.


March 2018


The Departmental Plan is an expenditure plan that provides a detailed overview of the Commission’s main priorities over a three-year period. These priorities are divided by strategic outcome, program activities, and planned and expected results. The Departmental Plan also provides details on human resource requirements, major capital projects, grants and contributions, and net program costs.

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