July 2012

What types of disabilities affect people in Canada? How do disabilities impact peoples’ equality of opportunity in their daily lives? This report provides a national portrait of adults with disabilities. It uses seven criteria to determine if there are gaps in the well-being of people with disabilities compared to people without disabilities.

The Evolution of Human Rights in Canada
June 2012

How has Canada become the country that it is today? How have human rights evolved and when did social change become woven into the fabric of our daily lives? This report documents the rights revolution in Canada, and how it transformed social movements, politics, law and foreign policy.

Accommodation in the 21st Century
March 2012

What were the Meiorin and Grismer decisions, and why did they generate so much optimism for people with disabilities? What challenges need to be overcome to ensure equality in employment and services? This report assesses the potential for the Meiorin and Grismer decisions to be catalysts for change. It also considers how some of the cases that followed Meiorin and Grismer have created troubling legal knots.

Report on Plans and Priorities 2012-2013
March 2012

The Report on Plans and Priorities is an expenditure plan that provides a detailed overview of the Commission’s main priorities over a three-year period. These priorities are divided by strategic outcome, program activities, and planned and expected results. The Report on Plans and Priorities also provides details on human resource requirements, major capital projects, grants and contributions, and net program costs.

March 2012

The Quarterly financial Report consists of financial tables comparing planned and actual expenditures for both the quarter and year-to-date as well as comparative information for the preceding fiscal year. The report also contains a narrative section which provides a concise discussion on the significant changes affecting both the quarter and year to date financial results, and changes in relation to operations, personnel and programs.

March 2012

What were the human rights issues of 2011? What activities did the Commission carry out to promote human rights in Canada? The following report provides an account of the Commission’s activities in 2011. It highlights the key actions taken by the Commission to advance human rights for all Canadians

Internal Audit Reports - Management Action Plan
February 2012

The Internal Audit Report is a management tool used to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of the Commission’s activities, while demonstrating accountability and stewardship of resources. The Report also includes a Management Action Plan to implement recommendations.

November 2011

Did you know that Aboriginal children in Canada face inequities and discrimination as a result of the Indian Act? Did you know a large number of Aboriginal people still do not benefit from the most basic services that other Canadians take for granted? This report looks at a range of issues currently facing Aboriginal people living on reserve, with a specific focus on Aboriginal youth.

National Security and Human Rights
November 2011

How can one be sure that human rights are being considered when national security measures and policies are created? Are Canada's national security organizations respecting human rights? This report recommends that Canada's national security organizations be held accountable for upholding human rights in their operations.

November 2011

Are Canadian security organizations considering human rights when developing security measures and policies? In this Special Report to Parliament, the Commission recommended that Parliament pass legislation requiring national security organizations to publicly demonstrate how they meet obligations to respect human rights.