January 2011

This Accommodation Policy Template was developed by the Canadian Human Rights Commission to help employers meet their human rights obligations. This easy-to-use tool is for employers that may not have the time or resources to develop an accommodation policy.

April 2010

Are you filing a human rights complaint with the Commission? Are you aware of the rules and guidelines that must be followed in order for your complaint to be valid? The following document provides instructions on how to prepare and file your complaint with the Commission. It also provides a list of responsibilities for all parties involved.

March 2010

Has discrimination affected you? What can you do about it? This guide explains what discrimination is, how the law prohibits it, and what to do if someone discriminates against you.

March 2010

Are you an employer? Do you know your responsibilities to pregnant employees in the workplace? This guide can help you create a respectful work environment that prevents discrimination related to pregnancy.

Are you pregnant? Are you planning to become pregnant?
March 2010

Are you pregnant or planning to become pregnant? Do you require workplace accommodations because of your pregnancy? This is a quick, one-page glance at your rights and responsibilities as an employee.