Statement - An attack against one of our communities is an attack against us all

January 30, 2017 – Ottawa, Ontario – Canadian Human Rights Commission

“Last night, Canadians were murdered and injured because of their faith. In the face of this senseless terror and violence right here at home, it might be easy to be stunned and shocked into grief and silence. Silence, in the face of such hatred, would be the ultimate failing in upholding our values. Canada is a nation of all faiths, all creeds, all cultures. We stand together. And we fall together. And today we grieve together. Now more than ever, we must voice our outrage and sadness. 

Terror has no religion.

Hatred has no faith.

Sorrow has no limit.

We must show our solidarity and compassion. An attack against one of our communities is an attack against us all; an attack against human rights is an attack against our shared values. We must be louder than those who make headlines by their acts of hatred. We must call out acts of intolerance no matter how small, because even small acts can embolden the hatred and anger that lead to devastating consequences.

Our diversity is our greatest strength. Our hearts are with the families and communities of those taken so violently and senselessly. We stand with them, now and always.”

Marie-Claude Landry, Chief Commissioner Canadian Human Rights Commission
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