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Human Rights in Canada: An Historical Perspective

You Can't Get Here From There...the Immigration Act's discriminatory policies

Ottawa, Canada

Discrimination isn't always plain to see.

Take s. 38 of the federal Immigration Act, for example. It says immigrants (designated by the Cabinet) have to come to Canada by "continuous journey from a through ticket purchased in that country or prepared in Canada." In other words, immigrants have to take a direct trip from their country to our shores.

Not a very striking sentence, yet it had an enormous impact on many who sought to immigrate to Canada.

In 1910, there are no passenger ships that travel directly from India to Canada. Not a one. That means if you live in India, it is impossible to buy a direct ticket to Canada. In short, the law prevents immigration from India.

Want to Know More?

Read the Immigration Act S.C. 1910 c. 27, s.38