Law Commission of Ontario, Ontario Human Rights Commission and Canadian Human Rights Commission working together on human rights and the use of artificial intelligence

December 10, 2021 – Ottawa, Ontario – Canadian Human Rights Commission

Today on Human Rights Day, the Law Commission of Ontario, the Ontario Human Rights Commission and the Canadian Human Rights Commission announced a joint research and policy initiative to examine human rights issues in the development, use and governance of artificial intelligence and algorithms in Canada and specifically in Ontario.

The use of artificial intelligence is rapidly expanding. Both public and private sector organizations are increasingly using these technologies to make key decisions, provide important services, and shape the lives of individuals and communities.

Early experience with this technology has demonstrated many risks to human rights, including data discrimination, racial profiling and a failure to ensure community participation and oversight of systems. At the same time, some advocates believe that properly designed and regulated artificial intelligence, automated decision-making and algorithmic systems may help to improve human rights and reduce systemic discrimination.

Over the coming years, our organizations will collaborate to research and co-develop resources to help identify and consider discrimination and other human rights issues in the use of artificial intelligence. We will provide public updates on the progress of this initiative.

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