Complaint FAQs

Uncertain about the Canadian Human Rights complaint process? Search through our FAQs for more information. 

For a more detailed set of FAQs, please visit the section of our website that talks about Complaint Rules.

Who can file a complaint
Can I file a complaint if I am outside of Canada?
Can I file a complaint for another person?
Can I file a complaint for my child who is under 18?
Can a person under 18 file a complaint without their parent’s consent?
Can I file a complaint for someone who has died?
Can I file a complaint for someone who is in prison?
Can I file a complaint for a group?
Whom can I file a complaint against?
What kind of situations is the Commission not able to deal with?
What should I do if my situation is not included in the examples of discrimination?
What do you mean by “ground of discrimination”?
What do you mean when you ask if I have any individual needs that require accommodation? What is the Duty to Accommodate?
How do I file a complaint?
What happens if the incident occurred in many places? Which location should I indicate on the Complaint Form?
What should I do if I don’t remember the exact date of the incident?
Discrimination may be “ongoing” if it is related to a policy or practice that is always in place. It may also be “ongoing” if it appears that the issue affects a group of people sharing similar protected personal characteristics.
How long do I have to submit a complaint?
I have moved recently. Do I use my address at the time of the discrimination or my new address?
Can I attach documents to prove my story?
What is an alternate contact?
What is a representative?
Will you contact my lawyer?
Will you contact my Union?
Why do you need my union information?
If my complaint is against my union, does that affect the information I give you?
The Commission says it wants to use my information for research. What kind of research do you do?
Can I still file a complaint if I do not agree for you to use my information for research?
Once I have sent my complaint in, can I make changes to it?
Will someone contact me after I submit my complaint?
How long does the complaints process take?
When will you contact the Respondent?
Will I know ahead of time when you are contacting the respondent?
How will any follow-up on my complaint be handled?
Are you keeping my information in a database?
Will I have to travel to Ottawa at any point during the complaints process?
Will I have to face the Respondent? I don’t want to be in the same room as them.
Are complaints confidential?
The person I am complaining about can afford a lawyer, but I cannot. Will this affect how my complaint is handled?
Why can’t I save my complaint and complete it another time?
What is the difference between the Wizard and the online complaint form?
Why should I use the online Complaint Form?
How do I get to the online Complaint Form?
What happens once I have submitted my complaint using the online Complaint Form?

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