Our Work

The Canadian Human Rights Commission is akin to an Agent of Parliament. It operates independently from government. As Canada’s human rights watchdog, the Commission is responsible for representing the public interest and holding the Government of Canada to account on matters related to human rights.

The Canadian Human Rights Act gives the Commission the authority to research, raise awareness and speak out on any matter related to human rights in Canada.

The Commission is responsible for administering the law, which protects people in Canada from discrimination when based on any of the 13 grounds such as race, sex and disability.

The Commission receives discrimination complaints and works with both the complainant and respondent to resolve the issues through mediation. When a complaint cannot be settled, or when the Commission determines that further examination is warranted, it may refer the complaint to the Canadian Human Rights Tribunal.

The Commission also works with federally regulated employers to ensure compliance with the Accessible Canada Act, the Employment Equity Act, the National Housing Strategy Act, and the Pay Equity Act. This contributes to the elimination of barriers for women, Indigenous peoples, persons with disabilities and racialized groups*.

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