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Discrimination and harassment are against the law in Canada.

The first step in filing a human rights complaint is telling us what happened, why it happened, and where you were when it happened. The following questions will help us determine how the Canadian Human Rights Commission can help you.

Our complaint process is changing! - Starting October 12, 2021

You can expect:

  • New user-friendly forms.
  • New frequently asked questions.
  • Forms to be available online.

In our new process, participants will:

  • Comment on the complaint right after it is filed.
  • Share requested documents by email.
  • Submit all of their information before going to mediation.

How will the new process affect my complaint?

If your complaint is already in our process before October 12, 2021, it will continue through its current stage. It will be streamed into the new process when it moves to the next stage.

What if I have questions?

Email us: or call toll-free: 1-888-214-1090 or TTY: 1-888-643-3304

We will help guide you through this transition.

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Complaint assessment form

Not every unfair situation can be considered discrimination under the law. In order for the Commission to accept your complaint, you must tell us specifically what happened to you.

For example: “I was fired.”

If you choose “Other”, please contact us.

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