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Over the last few years, we have taken a close look at every facet of our work, our internal organization, and the services we provide to the public. It has all been part of an ongoing commitment by the Chief Commissioner and our senior staff to walk the talk of addressing the possible impacts of systemic racism across our various roles —­ as a human rights advocate, a human rights service provider and regulator, and as a federally regulated employer.

We are dedicated to meeting the highest standards of equality and non-discrimination, inclusion, dignity and respect, and are committed to being a fierce ally in the fight against racism in Canada.

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Join the CHRC’s Network for advancing racial equality!

The Canadian Human Rights Commission is committed to advancing racial equality in Canada.

This is why we are eager to cultivate new relationships and nurture existing ones by striking a network for advancing racial equality. This network will be national in scope, and will include intersectional and culturally diverse representation. It will create a forum for ongoing dialogue and engagement with the Commission about grassroots experiences of racialized people from stakeholders, advocacy organizations and individuals that have their fingers on the pulse of these communities.

The Commission would be happy to count you as a member of this new network. To express your interest in joining this network please register by filling out the form below.

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