Accessibility Statement

The Canadian Human Rights Commission recognizes its responsibility to develop electronic information that is accessible and useable by all people. We will devote the time and resources necessary to ensure that all users enjoy access to our web site. It is the responsibility of everyone at the Canadian Human Rights Commission to deliver on this commitment.

Accessibility status

Here's what we've done to ensure the accessibility of the Canadian Human Rights Commission website.

Corporate initiatives:

  • Designated executive champion for accessibility
  • Integrated accessibility into our web services procurement practices
  • Trained our web development team in web accessibility practices
  • Included ongoing accessibility training for our web team as part of onboarding

Digital initiatives:

  • Included people with disabilities in our design process
  • Tested prototypes with people with disabilities
  • Included automated accessibility checks in our development process
  • Included assistive technology testing in our QA process
  • Tested the compatibility of our website with assistive technology by engaging people with disabilities

Social media:

We post content on various social media platforms including YouTube, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn. We provide text alternatives for images and make our content accessible, however, we can't control the overall accessibility of social platforms.

Accessibility limitations include:

  • Not all videos have captions
  • Most videos do not have audio descriptions or transcripts


Despite all efforts to make our website fully accessible, if you need help accessing information or require a different format, we encourage you to contact us. We also welcome your feedback on our accessibility efforts.

Please contact us at:

We try to reply to inquiries within 5 business days.

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